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Rhein Percussion




"’s easy to write off world music as something kitschy, or some kind of gimmick, and sometimes you’d be right. This happens even in the world of academic chamber music… but not even remotely in the case of Rhein Percussion. Rhein means “to flow”, and they seriously do. This album grooves, regardless of how uneven the meter might look on paper, and it does so in a natural, authentic-but-super-fresh manner. They flow seamlessly between improvisation, complex tala, and electronics - sometimes combining all three at once." Paul Matthis' music+video+dance+blog+etc.

"...the next generation of mind-blowing percussionists from Cal Arts." - Randy Gloss, Hands On'Semble
"With the success of  ensembles such as Repercussion Unit, Hands On'Semble, HazMat Percussion Duo, Limbs, Duo Jalal, Rhein Percussion, and percussionists Greg Beyer, B. Michael Williams, and Shane Shanahan, among many others, world percussion compositions are increasing in quality and quantity." - Percussive Notes
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